Brad Roemer’s Tips for Hosting a Great St. Patrick’s Day Party

Brad Roemer’s Tips for Hosting a Great St. Patrick’s Day Party

When St.Patrick’s Day rolls around, you silently murmur to yourself: Any excuse to get together with your friends and family, right? As you get your guest list ready, you begin to plan out the little details that will make or break your party. Hopefully you’ll gain a bit of luck by reading about what Brad Roemer’s team of realtors love to do to entertain their clients and guests during this magical festivity. To some, hosting parties is a non-brainer. They love to plan out cute decorations to string onto their walls and lay out on their serving table, or think of inventive party games so that all can enjoy their time. They adore prepping the small hors d’oeuvres for their guests to munch on, and adding a punch of thematic color to your party drinks. For others, they have no clue where to start when it comes to planning a party. Not to worry, that’s why we got the real estate experts at Brad Roemer to chime in.

  1. Channel Irish cuisine for your menu: Yes, it’s always fun to add some green food coloring to your sodas and beer, but when it comes to the actual food stay away from green burger patties. There’s something that automatically tells the brain to stay away from green meat as it must have gone mouldy. Use the green theme to instead break out some hearty vegetables, such as a broccoli salad and a kale and cucumber fresh salad. Fresh peas with rice are another go-to that Brad Roemer and his team love for when they host. If you want your food to be even more of a hit, your main dishes can feature a delicious Irish beef stew and Shepherd’s Pie. Make sure your desserts include green grapes and apples and of course a green frosted cake. For the drinks, choose mint juleps, green lemonade and green Guinness beer.
  2. For the decor: This is where you will want to consider the rainbows, leprechauns and pot of gold that we all know to be true for St. Patrick’s Day. Some simple DIY items include painting various sized mason jars gold and adding sprinkles of green clovers as extra detailing, sprinkling fake gold dollars that you can get from the dollar store around your serving table, and fabricating shamrock garlands with paper from the arts&crafts store and a thin piece of string. There’s no shame in also buying St.Patty’s themed head bands for all to enjoy.
  3. Party Games: Both kids and adults can have their own kind of fun on this lucky day. For kids, create a scavenger hunt around your yard and/or home (depends on the climate!) where they will win a small bucket of gold (chocolates) at the end. A fun bingo game is something that both parents and kids can enjoy together. Make sure you buy some fun gifts (wrap them in green to add to the suspense and excitement) to use as prizes from the dollar store. A little competition never hurt anybody! Another fun game that the adults can play is a color matching game with green hershey kisses. Some gold infused Poker games also make for a great time.

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  1. Don’t forget your corned beef, cabbage, & potatoes. I really like the idea of a bingo game, those are always fun!

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