Brad Roemer's team of real estate brokers are prepared to sell, buy and decorate your home in a timely fashion. With us on your side, you've got no reason to fret as we have decades of experience and various accolades to show for our prowess in the Oakland market.

Selling Your Home

Selling your home? We know that this can either render a sigh of relief or stress--so our goal is to decorate and accentuate the benefits of your home in a timely manner so that potential homeowners fall in love with the space that you have made your own for many years. We know how to increase the value of your home and get you as close to your asking price as possible. That's why part of what we do is branch off into home decor and improvement. Some tips that we always suggest selling homeowners to first spruce up the exterior of your home. Think about it, this is the first thing that potential clients will see before they walk through their doors. First impressions last, and we are here to make sure it is a positively lasting one. If your yard is decorated with ornate flowers, pebbled pathways and green grass, potential clients will love the idea of owning a house as beautiful as yours. We like to top this all off with a statement item: the front door. Liven up this area as this is a space that you will venture past day and night. Robust, dangling lights on for clarity and a fresh coat paint on the door can make your home immediately stand out from the rest of your block. Think about bold colors: yellow, red, baby blue? Brad Roemer's team loves to bring a little European style into the mix (Brad Roemer was inspired by the housing in countries such as Italy and Portugal, where tiles and exquisitely painted homes were the norm). A few other top selling tips from Brad Roemer's team are to fix up the little things: From light fixtures, faucets and painted walls--these items can make all the difference when potentials are walking through your foyer and into your home. Also, no one wants to deal with old flooring. If you can, consider taking out those broken tiles and replacing them for wood or new carpet. Flooring can immediately open up a space and make it feel fresher and new. 

Buying Your Home

When it comes to buying a home, our expert brokers have experience in assessing the pros and cons of all the homes that fit your needs on the market. Since we have many families as clients, here are a few criteria that Brad Roemer and the team have noticed should be on the Oakland family's radar: 1) A safe, large yard for children to move around is one item that shockingly gets pushed under the rug. A deck and a lawn with a vast swimming pool isn't enough. There needs to be running room for your kids to safely play together while you and your partner are either lying down on the deck or cooking dinner in the kitchen.  2) A good neighbourhood is key. We will assess the safety when considering family environments without the client even having to mention this as a criteria. Also, you should make sure that there are schools in the area that you can see yourself sending your kids to as this will have big impact on your daily commute.  3) A practical floor plan is high on our list of considerations when thinking about moving into a spacious home with your family. If there are too many stairs--this can be tough to navigate with small children. Ensure that there's enough room for your kids to run and hide so that they can remain active during the late afternoon's or days where the sun is sweltering hot (when heat strokes become a risk).

Improving Your Home

We take care of all your real estate qualm. From buying your dream home, to selling it for something new... No need to worry about getting the job done in a timely manner when you've got us on your team. Buying your home is a big life decision that requires much attention, knowledge and care. Brad Roemer's real estate brokers are fit with decades of experience working in the Oakland real estate market. Whether it be commercial or residential real estate, we've got you covered! We have a strikingly high recognition in the Oakland community for our scrutiny for the market and ability to showcase the best qualities of your home so that it can get sold faster. Brad Roemer, a graduate in real estate at UCLA, continues to teach his team about the values of trust and honesty when it comes to selling and purchasing homes. The client is always first, a saying that rings true for the entire Brad Roemer team and will always lead the team's decisions.

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