Decorating Your Home For Valentines Day

Decorating Your Home For Valentines Day

Embellish your home with Valentine’s Day decorations!

At last only one week to Valentine’s Day! Brad Roemer is convinced that so many ladies would love to celebrate this beautiful season of love and joy all year round! With the beautiful reds and pinks dresses, which brings much warmth and love to all of us, even during the peak of winter. Well, to celebrate in love, with family or friends, here are some decoration ideas that are at reasonable prices for the whole house.

Do It Yourself Valentines Day Decorations For Your Home

For me, Valentine’s Day is a day to be celebrated for the whole family! It does not matter if you do not have a significant other, you can still enjoy this very beautiful season.  I absolutely love to see the enthusiasm of the children preparing their little cards to offer to their “Valentine”.

Here are some ideas to inspire DIY lovers and create memorable and cute Valentine’s Day decorations!

  • Create a garland of fresh roses in just 3 simple steps: first, cut the stem of the roses to leave only about 3 cm. With string, tie a knot around each of the roses to hang them, like a garland. Finally, hang your garland, step back and enjoy the beautiful colors
  • Playful posters with text are really popular as well, and it is very easy to create one yourself. I recommend thick cardboard paper so that it has good stiffness, and permanent markers (Sharpie type). Freehand, or with a stencil to help you, draw the image and text of your choice, and most importantly, customize your poster to have a theme of love or romance!
  • Plain decorative cushions can be easily turned into kissing and cuddling with white fabric (or felt) and hot glue. Cut out a shape of X and one of O, and stick them on the cushion, to dress the bed or the sofa whiles giving it a touch of affection.
  • As the last project to change the mood in your home, here is one DIY that can be created with the children; garlands in the form of hearts. Cut out of DIY paper or fabric remnants, tie them to a rope, or put a line with a sewing machine in the center of each to create an original garland.

Decorating Your Bedroom For Valentine’s Day

For an affectionate ty welcome, change the carpet of the entrance for a carpet decorated with multiple hearts. To do your shopping to prepare for Valentine’s Day dinner, a reusable cotton bag with soft words will make the task pleasant and above all … adorable!


Decorating Your Living Room For Valentine’s Day

In the living room, you may use adorable cushions as a way to set a playful and pulpy tone, perfect for adding a touch of red to a neutral Valentine’s day decoration. Without repainting the living room in candy pink, you can still create a romantic atmosphere by laying cozy sheets on the couch, and scented candles on the coffee table.

These are some simple tips from Brad to get you into the mood for Valentine’s day without necessarily revamping your whole house. Let us know what you think!

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