Brad Roemer Realtor 5 Anxiety Relief Tips

Brad Roemer Realtor 5 Anxiety Relief Tips

Do you ever feel like you’re running around from the moment you wake up just until you can get shut eye? Perhaps you feel guilty every now and again when you go to bed at a somewhat reasonable time simply because you feel like there are not enough hours in the day to achieve everything that you want. As a strong-headed team that has dealt with hundreds of clients in the Oakland area, we understand what it’s like to put your clients first and yourself second. However, when push comes to shove your health does take a toll on the work that you produce. So how exactly should you ensure that you live a calmer, smoother life as an entrepreneur or realtor? The team at Brad Roemer has made it their 2018 New Years Resolution to bring a little more zen into their lives, and now that we have hit the May days it’s time to reveal the tricks that have worked on our employees!

  1. We make it a point to take a lunch, and one that isn’t us scoffing down a sandwich as we tirelessly type away e-mails and do research on our desktop computers. Since Brad Roemer Realtor does resemble much of a family atmosphere, we’ll go on short breaks for coffee or a walk around the block when the sun is glaring down. If you have a meeting that’s a 15 minute walk, don’t drive there. It’ll take you longer to get there in the California traffic than it will to take a walk!
  2. Self-Care is at the pedestal of our work culture. If our employees need a brain break, we make sure that they take it. Read a book in our separate book nook corner, take thirty minutes to call your best friend, ask your colleague if she’d like to grab a coffee with you. The mental health of our employees has a direct relationship to how well they perform on the job.
  3. Make a Routine for Yourself. Figure out over time which routines allow you to be the most effective on the job. You may find that reading and responding to e-mails first thing when you arrive to the office and last thing before you leave allow you to keep your cool during the sandwich part of your work day.
  4. They go with the Flow. Never expect everything to go perfectly smooth when in real estate. Clients will want one thing or another, and as their realtor it is your job to put them at the forefront of your work and ensure that they get what they want. It’s true what they say: The client is always right, and this lesson in customer service is something that should not be forgotten.
  5. Forget the Power Suit. Stop pursuing power as if you’re the only one standing on this earth, instead work towards harvesting connections with others just for the sake of the connection. Brad Roemer makes time to be with his wife and kids, one of the reasons he is dragging his feet — willingly — to the upcoming Taylor Swift concert. Carve out moments of joy for the people you love in this world and you’ll find yourself happier during the day.

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  1. Right there with you Brad! I always make a routine for myself. Whether it be writing down a list of things to do or setting up a meal prep day. Routine is what helps you get through the hectic days (when they happen). Keep it up man. The blog looks great, and I love the articles. If I had one critique it’s the background image, a bit too dark for my taste. But to each their own. Looking forward to reading some more of your work!

  2. Those are definitely important tips that people in stressful jobs like this should remember.

  3. As a working person sometime really feel anxiety for many reason. Truly this blog tips are nicely described& also very helpful.Honestly, its really good article.

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