A Green March

A Green March

For the year 2019, you decided that you would like to modify your home every month. It does not necessarily have to be significant changes that are made obvious to the ones that enter your home or come to visit you. These changes can be very minute in nature but regardless bring a significant impact in terms of the design of your home. Brad Roemer takes into great consideration that we are all on very tight budgets as well as the fact that we do not have that much time on our hand, therefore, we must ensure that we do not waste too much or put into too much money that will hurt our pockets.

As previously mentioned we want to effect some type of change on a monthly basis. What this means is that the changes will take place at least 12 times in one year. in the event that we are spending approximately $1000 every month, you can only know how that will greatly impact our lives. We do not want to go to that extent but want to be as reasonable as possible when considering the different items that must be purchased.

We are now in the month of March!
New month, new you! In the month of January, the decor was very straight forward: sparkles garlands little touches of silver and blue here and there. February was also very straight forward as it mainly consisted of reds and pinks. Adding little roses around the house with valentine themed paintings did the trick in order to change the atmosphere to a more loving and romantic one. We are now in the month of March … What theme can we use? What changes can we implement that would not be too tacky but also give you the feel of March? We must ask ourselves what is celebrated or exonerated in the month of March? The answer to that would be St. Patricks day and Spring. Depending on the year, Easter could also sometimes be celebrated at the end of March but that is not the case for this year. Given the fact that we are recognizing St Patrick’s day and spring… what can we use to recognize both themes without spending too much. How about green? St. Patricks day has a lot of green decor and green is very representative in spring due to the new growth and new life. We could, therefore, add little green-themed accessories around the home in order to make the difference.

Here are some of the changes that can be made whiles integrating the green theme.


  • Green-themed frames
  • Green-themed pillows for your sofa
  • Adding some green candles to your shelves
  • Adding some real branches or grass in your home (not only looks good but gives fresh air to breath)
  • Adding a green book on the organized shelf
  • Adding a small green coffee table to the corner of your living room (must be visible \ can always paint one)
  •  Set your dining table whiles adding green accessories to the table with a green-themed centerpiece
  • Adding some green to your bedding or to your curtains
  • Adding a green-themed throw to your sofa

These are some basic tips that Brad has for you in order to change the mood of your home this month of March! Feel free to add to the list as there is so much more that can be done.


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