How Roemer Sells Haunted Houses

How Roemer Sells Haunted Houses

Only a Realtor Can Know of the Stories That Linger in a Home

Brad Roemer and his team of realtors have had their fair share of stories to pass around when it comes to the ins and outs of new properties. Some properties have a trace of the previous homeowner’s strange past with perhaps gaudy picture frames and a dreadfully dirty bathroom. Others may have the creepiest dungeon-like basement with no rightful purpose. Or perhaps you’re someone who wants to sell your home as soon as possible because you and your family aren’t the only ones who inhabit it… lest for the four or five ghosts that are haunting it.

While the Oakland market is a hard one to come by with a low supply of households ready to sell yet exorbitantly high price points, the number of homes that Roemer and his team have ventured through is insurmountable. That’s why they’re bound to come across a few sour apples where they must rely on their effortless sales arguments about the property’s positive attributes (never failing to discuss the cons) to gain the sale.

Stigmatized Properties are Often Found in the Law

Properties with a ghostly problem are considered a stigmatized property, any real estate that is often defective and reduced in value that is not due to any physical reason. It’s the emotional and psychological factors that deem a property stigmatized, such as a past suicide, murder or haunting that has or currently does occur in the home.

The law speaks volumes to a realtor’s necessity of telling potential buyers about a ghost sighting. It turns out that while one half of the states in the U.S. must deal with stigmatized properties, almost all are not required to disclose this ghoulish and important piece of evidence.

For instance, Brad Roemer does not have to disclose to potential buyers that a ghost lives in said house. However, he does it anyways. The reason being is that if he does not disclose this pertinent piece of information, then he’s doing a bad job at customer service and it could gravely backfire him in the future. Just imagine the terrible reviews Brad Roemer Realtor would receive if they sold properties on the low for no other reason that a ghost lives in it?

Sightings that Necessitate Disclosure of Paranormal Activity

Roemer will kindly disclose paranormal anecdotes of a home, especially if they consider one or more of the following items:

  1. Seeing the ghost itself
  2. Hearing out-of-the-ordinary sounds or voices, such as someone speaking to you, the sound of footsteps when no one else is home, or cackles and screams
  3. Strange light and shadows works (i.e. lights turning on and off)
  4. The movement of objects with no other logical reason but paranormal activity

Hire a Space Cleaner or Use Sage

A great recommendation for realtors who do have a haunted house on their hands is to get it cleared. By hiring a “space cleaner” who works with the paranormal work, the cleaner can help the ghost get through any unresolved business that is causing them to stick around longer than their time on earth. They may even ask the spirit to leave altogether, which works in some cases.

If you’re not fearful of the space, then you can even try sage-ing the home yourself. By lighting a pack of sage and fuming it in every corner of your home, you are embarking on a ritual to cleanse your home from all negative and toxic energies. While you make this action, you should set an intention to rid your home of all ghosts and all paranormal activity.

Potential Buyers Need to Ask Their Realtor

For all those homebuyers out there who may be dealing with other realtors that aren’t as honest, the law still defends you. You must only ask the realtor whether or not any event that may have stigmatized the property has occurred on the property. Ask your realtor whether it is haunted (i.e. whether any paranormal activity has ever been experienced by previous sellers), whether a suicide or murder took place in the home, or whether there are any other items that

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  1. I think it’s awesome that you guys disclose that sort of information. Personally, I believe in ghosts. I grew up in a haunted house…I swear it was. I’d be a person interested in buying a haunted house, surprisingly. But, then again, maybe when I’m older and my kids have went off to college. For the majority of people, living in a haunted house isn’t something they’ve prepared themselves for, doubtful that they’ve even thought of it. Thank for looking out 🙂

  2. Great post! I like the fact that you value absolute honesty and integrity! However I do want to say that I think that the fact that the law protects against “paranormal activity” is absolutely ridiculous… Cheers!

  3. This information will surely help me when I want to sell my house. I will also surely ask my realtor if my next purchase may be haunted! I love the way this article is organized and enjoyable. Thank you!

  4. Looks like halloween is coming early this year haha. In all seriousness, this is great insight into this business and industry, thanks for the great post.

  5. Since I personally do not believe in ghost sightings or existence and never even thought about this could be a subject a realtor may have to deal with selling a house. Very nice and interesting article.

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