Roemer’s Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Roemer’s Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Before you know it, the month for treasured pumpkin spiced lattes will have come and gone just in a flash and thanksgiving will come upon us. Decorating for various seasons and festivities is one of Brad Roemer’s family past-times. Evidently, his passion for interior design and professional home matchmaking has regally influenced the rest of his family.

The Spirit of Togetherness

There’s nothing better than coming together with family and friends when the weather becomes crisp for the fall. Perhaps jovial music is playing in the background as the fireplace quietly crackles. Everyone is in good cheer, drinking and eating to their heart’s desires without worries or distractions. Words of gratitude for one another transpires through laughter and (happy) tears. For once, we put our phones and televisions to the side and focus on being in one another’s presence.

Invest in a Festive Wreath

With soft yet poignant colors, who can resist a Thanksgiving wreath? The dusty brown base mixed with green foliage and splashes of orange, red and yellow will inspire a smile on your face every time you open your door. The wreath doesn’t need to be overly large. Go for one that is about five to seven inches deep with a tight grapevine intertwined throughout. Think leaves, berries and greenery… A simply intricate emblem of fall. A good priced wreath often starts at about $50. The great thing about a thanksgiving piece is that you can re-use it for many years to come.

Heighten your Scents

Brad Roemer and his team is always aware of setting up the perfect display that hits all the senses. The olfactory system is not to be forgotten, as certain home-y scents can automatically change one’s gait in the room. The same way mama’s famous pumpkin pie lights up the home with nostalgia of cozy childhood memories and a more carefree time, a candle can do the trick on special occasions as well. Set the mood, much like a director and producer would do for a movie. Other great fall scents include cardamom–a beautiful addition to a black earl grey tea as well! Spicy scents should not be forgotten, such as an effervescent Masala chai or subtle cinnamon can truly enliven the room. Great brands like Voluspa or Nest can last up to 60 hours.

Fall Throw Pillows and Blankets

Now is the time when you’ll want to switch up your rather sheer and pastel-colored summer throws for deep red and green plaids and a punch of orange. Cute brown, green and orange seasonal pillows thrown on your sofa and arm chair are the perfect addition for when the family gathers for storytelling and cheer. You can get away with a higher quality, low priced option here. Choose a tad higher quality of polyester that is still soft to the touch and you’ll find that you’re not breaking the bank on festive home decorations.

A DIY Decor Option

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Roemer loves to use a chalk board to encourage his household to write and draw photos of what they’re thankful for every day. This lasts for a month prior to thanksgiving, in which all the notes are gathered in a safe-keep and discussed during the annual celebration. You can decide to use the small chalkboard–which is posted in a public space–to write an empowering quote every day as well.

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