How to Stage a Million Dollar Home

How to Stage a Million Dollar Home

At Brad Roemer realtor, we have staged million dollar luxury homes and managed to sell them within months of them going out on market. Below we have tips and tricks for staging such a home so that your California real estate dream can come true.

  1. Light is everything; it stages the atmosphere of the life you will live. Potential homeowners will get turned off by dingy and empty corners. As a rule of thumb, every room should have at least three sources of light. This can range from wall lamps to table lamps to floor lamps. It’s time to light it up, like the Luke Bryan song goes!
  2. Move away from the wall space and move into the actual living area when it comes to furniture placement. This is a classic issue we see over and over again at Brad Roemer realtor. Placing your furniture by the walls is something that creates heaviness instead of fluidity. Let your visitors walk through your home without feeling stuffed. The bright side is that you can create invisible separations with furniture that creep past the scope of your walls. Think of a nice L-shaped sofa in the middle of your living room.
  3. Don’t underestimate flower power. Fresh and colorful tulips and daisies will do the trick. Let your potential home buyers literally smell the roses when they sweep through your space. Add a fresh vase in the kitchen to give the impression of cleanliness and continuous maintenance, and a few small spreads on the dinning room table. A nice touch by each bed side table in the bedrooms will subconsciously ring the thought of “you’re home” to the potential buyer.
  4. Use white and fresh linens, similar to luxury hotels and spas. Crisp and clean is the sensation you want to resonate with potential buyers. From white towels and shower curtains in the bathroom, with wooden accents and a Portuguese tile infusion… you’ll automatically see home hunters sigh in desire as they want to call your home theirs. Don’t skimp out on fluffy pillows (throw in at least four layers of throw pillows if you have a king bed to add dimension) and duvets. The bigger, the better in this case.
  5. Market the lifestyle, not the home. This is our number one rule, and our secret weapon in closing the deal. Our realtors are equipped with the know-how of what the buyer is looking for to get you the best sale price. At Brad Roemer Realtor, we walk buyers through a storyline. It’s not about the sweeping staircase or fancy swimming pool… It’s about who’s living there, and the stories they can create together.

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  1. Brad Roemer Realtor has shared useful tips and tricks for staging homes.To follows these tips a seller can easily upgrade his home for what the buyer is looking for to get you the best sale price.

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