Selling Your Homes During The Holiday Period

Selling Your Homes During The Holiday Period

Many buyers are taking advantage of the holidays to shop around for their brand new home.

At this time of year when decorations are found almost everywhere, sellers must remember the keyword of wisdom which is abstinence!

Here are some very common mistakes that a lot of sellers make when selling their homes during the holiday period. Brad Roemer strongly recommends avoiding these errors as soon as your property is on the market to be sold during the holiday season.

First Impressions Matter

The house shines brightly when the Christmas lights are kept much to an elegant minimum. Opt for white bulbs instead of flashing multicolor bulbs to give a more neutral touch to the home. Having multiple colors may give a messy look to your home from the exterior and may deter the potential buyer from the onset.

Snow can look great on trees, but entrances and walkways should always be clear as soon as the flakes begin to fall and accumulate. Make sure that your potential buyer does not have to grapple over high mountains of snow before entering your home. With the cold and uncomfortable temperature, everyone has a tendency to appreciate a cozy and warm home. Be sure that your home is nice, cozy and warm for any visit that you may have. The temperature must not be excessively hot but it cannot be similar to the weather outside either. Do not forget to regulate the thermostats to the predetermined low-temperature settings during the day when no one is at home in order to save on electricity. Try to have a pleasant odor within your home that are appealing and connected to Christmas. Within Brads blogs he gave examples of DIY Perfumes that could be used within your home for the holiday period.

Christmas Decorations

Choose a small to average height Christmas tree and decorate it lightly to give the impression of a larger home. A gigantic in your living room will give the appearance of a smaller room,  and too many decorations give an impression of disorder. Given the fact that your main goal is to give the impression of great space within your home, you do not want to use decorations or ornaments that will remove that impression.

As previously mentioned; one of the main criteria for a buyer (among other things) would be space. Too many decorations and gifts that occupy half of the living room will give an impression of disorder as well. Your potential buyer might feel cramped and overwhelmed. Once again, the motto is organization and structure when considering the setup of your home. It is even recommended to simply go ahead and hide certain gifts that are found underneath your Christmas tree for a short period of time in order to avoid the cluster under your tree. You may not be able to help the fact that you have a lot of gifts under the tree, but a potential buyer does not need to know that! Simply hide those gifts somewhere in your home temporarily in order to avoid the clutter.

We would not want this to occur, but can you imagine that the house has still not been sold by February of next year? What will potential buyers think if they see pictures of Christmas trees, garlands and other decorations?

Make sure a professional photographer takes pictures of the inside and outside of your home BEFORE setting up your decorations.

When followed with great attention and care you may be right on track to selling your home for the holidays! What a beautiful gift that would be for you and your family!






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