Starting Your Year Off Right

Starting Your Year Off Right

Say it with the Brad Roemer team: Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!!

As 2019 has just begun, it is very likely that you intend to achieve many goals, both personal and professional. The fact that you are already seeking to better yourself this coming year is already an excellent start! We do not want to discourage you but you must be aware of the fact that “new years resolutions” usually are not as effective as some would think given the fact that the motivation does not last for long and individuals usually settle for their day to day lives instead of reaching out for greater things. It is therefore very important to set an actual plan before you decide on the things you want to change in your life. As yourself, if it is actually feasible what you want to realize with the time that you have allotted and then you can proceed as usual.

Here are some steps that we have come up with that will ensure that you have all of the guidance required to succeed this year.


The first important mindset to adopt is optimism. We must stop perceiving the world as an absurd place and start looking at things more positively. When things are actually going wrong you must ask yourself what the point really is to focus on the negative? When you focus on the positive it will give you the mental capacity to at least try to find a situation in every predicament you happen to find yourself in. Dwelling on what is not going right will simply close your mind off to any type of solutions that you may have gathered.


 There are neither good nor bad years; there are only lessons and experiences that allow you to learn in life. Every day you will find the opportunity to learn something. Even it is is very small and insignificant it is still worth holding on to that information as it brings you closer to your specific goal. 

A List Of Goals

Make a list of what you want to accomplish during the year and organize your time for each of your projects. Remember setting many goals at the same time is not necessarily the best for you. A lot of people have the misconception that trying to be as efficient as possible by setting multiple goals will set you apart and get you ahead of your colleagues but this is false. By setting so many goals you have the tendency to get distracted which deviate from your main goal.


Let us be completely honest, those results that you are looking for will usually not show up so quickly. The key is patience as you trust the process and know that you will eventually get the results that you need.  These come from a process that combines dedication and organization. Once the results are achieved, you will then be proud of what you have accomplished.


Be Monitored By The General Public

Let your friends and loved ones know what projects you are doing. In this way, they will be able to see your progress or decline and this social pressure will work in your favor to motivate you. It will give you a sense of accountability when it comes to that workload. If necessary, advertise it on your Facebook profile and let everyone know what your goals are.



Be motivated and stay motivated! The best way to have a great year is to do things with passion, enthusiasm, and vocation. You will realize that without motivation, your courage and your desire to act will be limited.

There is so much out there to accomplish, but you must first take that leap of faith and then hold on with dear life!!

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